Friday, June 20, 2008

Me :-D

Ok well the first and tha last picture were not taken by me, but the others were!
^Me With Snapper^
^Me With Cool Hair^
^Me "Lookin Cool" lol^
^Just Me^
^Me With John^

More Pictures From Florida

Here are some more pictures I took while in the great state of Florida!
^I Think That Is The Florida State Flower^
^Same Kind Of Flower Just Another Version Or What Ever^
^I Love The Palms In Florida - I Really Like That Picture^
^More Of The Great Florida Wilds^

Sunrise On The Atlantic From Florida!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Florida... Well here are the beach pictures. The only time I went the whole time I was there was in the morning to get these pictures. That just means I need to go back again soon!
^Sunrise In On The Atlantic!^
^A Sea Gull Taking A Stroll^
^The Atlantic^
^I LOVE The Beach In Florida!^

Me And A Friend

^That is A Friend. I like the picture he does not like it. lol^
^Same Friend Just messing around with the picture for a CD cover type look.^

^Me same picture, playing with a CD cover type look.^